Bookworm and Bejeweled Twist to hit DS and DSiWare

Look forward to buying more PopCap Games, uh, games for your Nintendo DSes and DSis in the near future. The casual games developer announced that Bookworm and the uber-popular puzzle title Bejeweled Twist would hit the handheld platforms in two unique ways: through DSiWare and retail chains.

PopCap plans to bring Bookworm — the original — to DSiWare title “later this month,” while Bejeweled Twist is slated for a “mid-October” release via the downloadable platform. These two titles are to be short a few features. The official release mentions this in a vague way by comparing the downloadables to their proper DS brethren, which are touted as being fully-featured.

The DS versions of Bookworm is set to hit the first of December, while Bejeweled Twist won’t be available until Q1 2010.

If casual soul-sucking and time-munchin’ games are your thing, then these seem like a safe bet. Lord knows how much time we’ve spent glued to the monitor idly spelling words or matching colors. Good hours, mind you, but certainly not productive ones.

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