Book of Memories gets new screens, fans go apeshit

The purists sink lower and lower

Konami uploaded some new Silent Hill: Book of Memories screens to its Facebook page, which yet again invited a slew of hatred and animosity from a fanbase enraged at the existence of a spin-off portable game.

So incensed are fans by the fact that a handheld side-game would not look and play exactly like a main console effort, a “Cancel Silent Hill: Book of Memories” Facebook group has been started up. It is no longer enough to dislike the game, now simply co-habiting the same reality with it has caused emotional trauma. It is, indeed, the worst thing to happen in the world. 

The thread’s a good laugh. I’ve collected some of the best comments below for your amusement.

Hahaha no, I’ll just be getting the game to complete the game collection, as for playing it that’s out of the question.” – A brave man making a real stand. 

Way to take true fans and through them in the casm you Konami. You went from millions of fans to next to none for a franchise. Way to butcher a legendary game series.” – Somebody who deserves praise for using “Konami” as an insult. 

Hey guys, don’t you just get it!!!
Stop making the game, is horrible!
Nobody will buy it!!!” – A failed haiku writer. 

Me as a fan.
I got fuckin nightmares already.
Worst game in the entire series.” – Another failed haiku writer. 

Konami just loves isolating their hardcore fans from casual gamers. Take all their classic games and completely change everything up. Silent hill becomes an inpersonal co op adventure, metal gear becomes some futuristic sci fi hack n slash with devil may cry gameplay thrown in there, etc.” – Real gamers use “casual” the same way Sarah Palin uses “liberal media.”

As someone who has played the Silent Hill games from the first part up to now I can not express my feelings in any other way than crying… 🙁” – Mr. Emotions. 

You know these screenshots do not change the fact that this game is the shittiest game ever.” – A time traveler, obviously. 

ONE MORE OF SHOWING OFF WITH THIS PIECE OF CRAP – and I’ll definitely unlike this page along with everything connected to KONAMI… Thank you…” – Someone who knows how to really cut a publisher deep.

Yeah it just got a little bit more Gayer!!!!” – Because you can’t get any gayer than MORE gayer!

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