Boogie trailer brings with it the promise of more ways to look like an idiot

The latest ethnic-friendly trailer for EA’s incoming Wii dance ’em up, Boogie, shows off the game’s revolutionary new feature — bestowing players with the power to look 78% more retarded. This is good news for gamers who felt that they just didn’t appear stupid enough already while playing on the Wii and needed to add ‘prancing like a lunatic’ to their daily list of moronic things to do. Nearly all gamers have such a list. 

This new feature, which I have dubbed the ‘Twat Mechanic’ system, is shaping up to be a highly successful venture, as evidenced by the detestable levels of humiliating galavanting going on in the above movie. EA has really pushed the boat out in exploiting the Wii’s primary function, which is forcing people to look as vile as possible, sweating and heaving as they do. Boogie should, with any luck, remove the last remaining vestiges of dignity from the general public, once and for all.

Jim Sterling