Bonobo vs. Ms. Pac-Man

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I’ll admit that, before seeing this video, I had no idea what a bonobo was. Had somebody dropped the word in casual conversation, I would have assumed that it was a philanthroping homeless person, perhaps with an erection. Alas, I was wrong. In fact bonobos are chimpanzees that happen to be awesome at Ms. Pac-Man and face-crushingly cute.
This particular bonobo — we’ll call him Jim — is apparently participating in a study on cognitive abilities, in which he shows that he is better than me at Ms. Pac-Man. Luckily, he’s way too endearing to ever rub it in my face and lord it over me — look at how happy he is just to be playing. If the twinkle in Jim’s eye doesn’t warm your heart, then it’s likely that you don’t have one. You are probably a zombie.
Personally, I think Jim’s on to something. He’s just so freaking happy. I’ll bet he would never refuse to play at a charity event, even without some kid’s Xbox in his dressing room. 
[thanks, Roby!!] 
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