Bombernauts makes me miss Bomberman

Baseball bats and bombs

I probably can’t take the day off to play Super Bomberman 2, so I’ll pass along word of Bombernauts instead. It’s almost ready for us. Ahead of the game’s July 31 release on Steam, here’s a refresher.

Bombernauts is about bombs, yes, but it’s more about knocking your competition off the field than flat out blowing them up. Explosions will help or hinder you, as will “dozens of stupid powerups” including black holes and luchador masks. It’s a little like Smash Bros. in that way.

Unfortunately, multiplayer (two to four people) is online only — but it is drop-in/drop-out. Bombernauts will be $10 while in Early Access and purchases come with a giftable copy. Programmer Tyler Glaiel (Closure) expects the full release to happen in “about six months.”

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