Bomb Rush Cyberfunk delayed to summer 2023

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

The Jet Set successor needs more time to get it right

Team Reptile is taking a little more time on Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. The quest to paint the town, challenge crews, and more will now be aiming for summer 2023.

In a post to social media, the developer says it needs more time in order to realize its vision for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

“About the release: We are convinced that releasing the game this year will not take it to a level where we would be personally satisfied with. To create a fulfilling and unique game we are extending the development time of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk to summer 2023.”

But that’s not the only bit of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk news this week. Team Reptile says it will be dumping “a lot more visuals” this week, to show how the action-sports hybrid is shaping up.

Rise and grind

There’s already been one drop today, highlighting the boostpacks players can use to do tricks. In the video example, Team Reptile shows off a Boost Trick, a 1080 spin. Landing this into a manual can keep the combo going, and coming at it from higher ground and landing in a manual boosts your speed.

While it’s a bummer we won’t be seeing Bomb Rush Cyberfunk this year after all, it’s good that Team Reptile is taking its time. The Lethal League developer has impressed me with just about every showing of Cyberfunk so far.

It’s got the right style, and it’s got great moves across the different styles of traversal. While a Jet Set style game might go for skates, Team Reptile has also shown off skateboards and BMX bikes too. Tack on some fantastic music and purported battles for turf, and yeah, I’m keen to see Team Reptile fully realize their vision.

We’ll see what the team has in store for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk next summer.

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