Boll set to produce Alone in the Dark sequel, Razzie committee to work overtime

While many of the film industry’s finest are honored with stars on the sidewalks of Hollywod and Vine, director Uwe Boll will be honored by a string of horse droppings in a Tijuana back alley. Still, that’s not stopping the director from making sure that he ruins Alone in the Dark 2.

And why shouldn’t he? The original Alone in the Dark, directed and produced by Boll, may have tanked at the box office, but the home video market is a very different animal. The film’s DVD moved over one million units, making it the most successful film ever to star Christian Slater and Tara Reid in the same film.

The good news for Boll haters is that the German auteur won’t be in the director’s seat this go around; he’ll be off ruining another otherwise solid video game IP, Far Cry.

A director for Alone in the Dark 2 has yet to be named, but sources indicate that Buddy the Dog (best know for his role in Air Bud: Spikes Back, in which he plays a loveable pooch and volleyball star), may make his directorial debut. I can’t imagine that a color blind canine could have a worse eye for cinema than Boll.

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