Bodycount dev: F*ck realism

Bodycount lead Stuart Black isn’t impressed with how realistic you can make your game. In fact, he thinks realism can get f*cked if it doesn’t help the game, and should be discarded in favor of fun. Can anybody argue with that? Only a complete moron. 

“If realism doesn’t help the game, f*ck it, throw it away,” declares Black. “I’ve known Codemasters all my gaming life, but I’d never thought about working for them. But it came to me through an agency, and I thought, what the hell. And when I went up there — I was just really impressed by the attitude towards development. It felt like, here’s a place I can get some creative freedom, some creative control and really develop something I want to develop.”

Bodycount is looking like it’ll be a fun game, and with Black caring more about making the game enjoyable as opposed to realistic, it appears to be in good hands. After all, who really needs realism? We have, y’know, reality for that.

Black: “F*ck” realism over fun [VG247]

Jim Sterling