Blur to receive a multiplayer demo?

For those of us that like to pretend that every racing game is Mario Kart, there is Bizarre Creations Blur. No longer shall we have to whip our rides and roll backwards around simulation tracks where every crack in the pavement has a pixel in order to crunch the race’s leaders grill. No, it looks like Blur has that mix of Kart-style shenanigans that we’ve been craving. And get this: a multiplayer demo could be in the works.

Strategy Informer is reporting that the German Ratings Board has listed a multiplayer demo for release over Xbox LIVE. We plan to check in to see if this is the real deal, and while we’re at it, asking if turtle shells are go for the upcoming racer.

Activision plans multiplayer demo for Blur [Strategy Informer]

Brad BradNicholson