Blur join LEGO Rock Band (Woo Hoo)

Damon Albarn and the boys from Blur are bringing their nineties Britpop nonsense to LEGO Rock Band, becoming the latest stars to be LEGOfied in EA’s latest attempt to wrestle the music game crown from Guitar Hero.

Most of you will only know the recently reformed UK band as “those guys that did the ‘Woo Hoo’ song,” so it’s quite fortunate that this is the song to be found in LEGO Rock Band‘s setlist. “Song 2,” is a pretty bloody good tune if you ask me, so it’s cool that it’s made it into the setlist.  

I have to say that the whole LEGO Rock Band idea is sheer genius. It’s got obvious mainstream appeal (LEGO games have always been popular) and the kids will love it, but the rest of us are paying attention just to see how weird our favorite musicians look when they’re represented as hunks of living plastic. Sheer brilliance. 

Anyway, who else would you like to see LEGOfied for the new game? I hold out hope for a LEGO Electric Light Orchestra, but I’ve long since given up on Harmonix ever putting an ELO song in one of their games. The IDIOTS.

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