Blur is all about bringing fun, intensity to the genre

With an abundance of racing games this year, most of which look rock solid, it’s going to be easy to forget one or two of them. From what I can tell, Blur could be one of the racers that gets forgotten, and that’s a shame.

While it has a very distinct look to it, Blur isn’t going for visual realism in the same way that Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo always do. And in today’s gaming world, that means it can get overlooked; as dumb as it sounds, that’s just the way it is these days.

In the latest video for the game, we hear what makes Blur stand out from several Bizarre Creations employees. Some of the words that get thrown around include “fun,” “intense,” “beautiful chaos,” “memorable moments,” and “something different.”

Personally, Mario Kart isn’t doing it for me anymore, even if the latest one was a step up from Double Dash. It’s time for another battle-oriented racing game. Hopefully, Blur will be able to fill the void.

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