Blumhouse Productions establishes game dev division

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Horror studio creeps into the indie gaming scene

Blumhouse Productions, the film production company behind a litany of modern horror classics, has announced the establishment of new division Blumhouse Games, with which it expects to oversee the development and publishing of independent horror releases on PC, console, and mobile platforms.

The new gaming division plans to work alongside indie developers with the creation, marketing and publishing of their own titles. Following its initial movie model, Blumhouse Games is expected to focus on lower-budgeted titles, spreading the word with impactful marketing and ensuring a fast and lucrative turnaround. The new division will be led by Zach Wood, a journeyman within the gaming industry who has worked as a producer for the best part of 25 years, having worked with Iron Galaxy, Arkane Studios, and Sony Santa Monica.

blumhouse games

“Through my time in the industry, I’ve had the good fortune of working closely with developers to bring their ideas to life,” said Wood of the new endeavor. “There’s a unique opportunity for horror and genre in the indie game space, and I’m thrilled about teaming up with Blumhouse to meaningfully leverage the company’s brand, reputation, and creative talent.”

Blumhouse Productions was founded in 2000 by U.S. producer Jason Blum, following incredible success in the horror field with titles such as The Purge, Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Happy Death Day, and Jordan Peele’s breakout hit, Get Out. Since its inception, Blumhouse has been responsible for several hugely popular releases, including the Halloween trilogy, Ma, The Black Phone and, most recently, the campy killer doll release, M3GAN.

The gaming division forms part of BH growth, which already encompasses non-movie projects such as books, podcasts, and “haunted house” attractions.

But let’s get to the point: We need a Blumhouse All-Stars platform brawler.

Or a M3GAN game.

At least stick my g3rl in Mortal Kombat 12.

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