Blow looking for programmer for motion tracking work

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Jonathan Blow of Braid fame is hiring a programmer who to do work with body tracking, according to a post on the Blow’s Braid blog.

“We’re hiring another programmer into the new company, to do very interesting work with full-body motion tracking,” the post reads. Continuing below the essential response information, Blow mentions that applicants must have “substantial 3D game development experience and be good at what [they] do.”

The videogame and peripheral that this work is intended for is unknown. Joystiq asked Blow if this job posting had anything to do with his new project The Witness and with Project Natal. Blow gave a non-response of sorts, before stating that whatever idea is brewing may not happen if he can’t find a body to do the work.

The Witness is “an exploration-puzzle game on an uninhabited island.” It’s slated for release in late 2011.


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