Bloodstained team apologizes for Curse of the Moon code delays, new backer demo is imminent

They’re still prepping the E3 backer demo

So far nothing catastrophic has happened to the Bloodstained Kickstarter project. Sure the team keeps bumping things back, but at this point that’s expected of any Kickstarter campaign of this magnitude — there hasn’t been any “better than nothing” or “anime fan on prom night” snafus yet. Unfortunately backers that were hoping to get the prequel mini-game that was recently released were stalled on certain platforms, which former Castlevania producer IGA is now apologizing for.

IGA himself explained in a backer update today:

Hello—IGA here. Before we move forward with this month’s update for Blodostained: Ritual of the Night, we would like to apologize for the trouble to backers who have selected the Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon console version. We made many adjustments to Curse of the Moon just before its release.

The very short timeframe between the announcement of Curse of the Moon at BitSummit and its release date caused a delay in our generating and receiving console download codes for backers. The process of receiving them from console manufacturers is not very fast, so we are sending them out to Fangamer as soon as they become available from the manufacturers, and they are immediately assigning them to backers.

In other news, the “E3 Beta Backer Demo” is still a go, and the developers are working on figuring out exactly what that entails. After “heated” discussions the team has basically decided what the demo will be like though it will lack “some detail,” so they’re already curbing expectations. The demo will be “slightly more difficult” than previous efforts and will include a save feature. IGA wants this to be a “proper demo.”

Before you get too excited, note that you’ll only get this demo if you backed at the $60 level or higher! Oh and another reminder — Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the actual full big deal game, and Curse of the Moon is the micro-platformer from Inti Creates that’s out now. Given their similarity I’ve decided to remember the release order by thinking “okay so first you’re cursed, then you need a ritual to cleanse yourself.” You’re welcome.

Jun 1 2018 Development Update: Beta News and Backer Feedback Results [Kickstarter]

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