Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night boss Bloodless will become playable character ‘soon’

Blud eez too presush a teeng in deez toimes

Koji Igarashi’s spooky platform adventure Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is set to get some new content this month. Joining the beautiful Creatures of the Night that make up the game’s roster of playable characters will be the parasol-spinning vampire, Bloodless.

Encountered by protagonist Miriam in the Dian Cecht Cathedral, the beautiful but terrifying Bloodless is found soaking in a bathtub of claret-colored liquid – which I’m willing to bet ain’t Cran-Apple. Bloodless’ offense mostly consists of streams of the red stuff, with which she has deft control over. Also to hand is Bloodless trusty parasol, which itself is a deadly weapon in the dark one’s hands.

While Team IGA did not offer any specific information as to when Bloodless will grace us with her presence, the developer noted that she would arrive in November, with more details arriving in the coming days. It’s great to see Bloodstained still receiving fun new content well over a year after launch, giving fans another reason to take a fresh wander through the halls of The Hellhold once again.

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