Bloodstained is still looking good, if a little slow

They still have plenty of time to tweak it

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Let’s do a quick recap on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night‘s development process.

Back in 2015, former Konami developer Koji Igarashi managed to scrape up $5.5 million in funding, Inafune style, with a “stick it to the man” Kickstarter campaign. Originally it was set to debut on every platform under the sun with every DLC stretch goal at once, but the Wii U version was scrapped in favor of the Switch, and the team shifted to a “we’ll get the extra content out later” approach.

That wasn’t so bad, even amidst multiple delays, but when IGA and crew stated that they were “only 20 to 30 percent done” after two years and they’re still set for an early 2018 date, people got a little worried. Now some are getting even more concerned as more footage is shown, including is semi-floaty gameplay that was unveiled today, complete with some odd particle effects (the bell crashing down at :025 is rough looking).

Still, it doesn’t look like a disaster, and if they need to delay it even more, so be it.

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