Bloodstained is getting a patch to fix issues the last update added in

Boss Revenge and Chroma Wheel still TBD for Switch

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Bloodstained is kind of like the Fallout 76 of the Metroidvania world: one patch enters, several new bugs leave.

The Bloodstained team has acknowledged some recent bugs, most notably crashes after interacting with NPCs, crashes while playing Bloodless in boss rush mode and items negatively impacting achievements. There’s no ETA on the fix right now, but it is in the works.

In other news, that same bugged boss revenge and chroma wheel mode is not yet implemented in the Switch version, so those bugs don’t exist. Sadly, that likely means that there’s more work to be done in tandem with that Switch patch, so it could be even farther out. Better late than buggy, but the Switch port just can’t catch a break.

In fact, this could push back the 2020 roadmap, which was smartly labeled with “all plans subject to change” when it dropped in June. After this mess is sorted out, the next step for the third quarter is chaos/versus/classic modes, as well as a “special crossover.”

Bloodstained [Facebook]

We are working on a hotfix to address the following issues occurring on Steam (1.15), PS4 (1.15) and Xbox One (

1. A crash linked to NPC interactions.
2. A crash linked to pausing while playing as Bloodless.
3. Extra items affecting achievements.

We will update everyone as soon as we have an ETA on the release of this hotfix.

Note: Boss Revenge and Chroma Wheel have not yet been released for Switch, GamePass or GOG and are not affected by the issues listed above.


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