Bloodstained is finally getting Boss Revenge and Chroma Wheel on Switch ‘later this month’

It could still be pushed

Amid a very hectic and unpredictable schedule, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has been getting updates periodically.

Zangetsu was added as a playable character a few months ago, on top of the previously-promised Boss Revenge (playable bosses) and Chroma Wheel (protagonist customization) modes. But the latter two were not fated for Switch, it seems, as that version has its own timeline (along with a few other wacky platforms like EA Origin, which has its own patch pipeline).

While the development team isn’t quite ready to nail down a date yet, we do have a window: “later this month.” Taking to Facebook, they noted that “Boss Revenge Mode and Chroma Wheel debut on Game Pass and EA Origin this week then later this month for Nintendo Switch.” Crash fixes for other platforms are coming soon: crashes that the last patch introduced, mind.

As a reminder, a new landing page is open now that breaks down the status of each platform.

Bloodstained [Facebook]

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