Bloodstained guide: Here’s a perfect endgame gold farming spot

You just need to prepare

Bloodstained requires a lot of cash to go for a full 100% clear (not just map completion, but every item).

Here’s how to make that process a lot easier.

[Vague spoilers for endgame items and abilities. No story spoilers.]

The setup:

There’s a few things you’re going to want for this run: the dash ability from the ninja race (found here), the Augment Gold shard (kill the Deathtraps in the Inferno Cave to get Augment Luck, then forge/craft it into Augment Gold), some MP regen (craft nectar, ambrosia is dropped from the Vul’sha succubus enemies in the desert), as as much luck as you can muster (it doesn’t matter how low quality an item is, more luck is fine).

There’s a reason you’ll want all of the above. The dash lets you actually do the farm spot much faster, the shard allows you to earn 500g and 1000g rewards more often, the MP regen tops your MP bar off so you don’t get magic replenishing items from the lamps, and luck enhances your drops.

Keep in mind that this farming spot is for complete endgame: as in, right before the final boss, optional bosses, or when you’re literally trying to wring every last drop out of the game for a Platinum trophy.

The spot:

The actual spot in question is right above the teleport location for the Forbidden Underground Waterway. Head left out of the teleport spot, go north, left, then north again right under the save point. Just dash between that one room with the toads (ignoring them) back and forth, and that’s it!

With high enough luck and a max Augment Gold shard, you’ll net 1000g or more a second.

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