Bloodborne doesn’t get much of a boost from the PS4 Pro’s boost mode

Also take a look at Dark Souls 2 and 3

When it comes to the PS4 Pro’s upcoming “Boost Mode” that’s now in beta testing, there’s only one genre I really care about in terms of any sort of performance enhancement — action games. If you can make a mascot platformer slightly more enjoyable by clicking a button so be it, but getting Bloodborne or Dark Souls III to 60FPS would be a dream come true. Sadly, we’re still not there yet.

Based on a test from Digital Foundry, the former doesn’t really benefit from the Pro’s boost other than keeping the framerate slightly closer to 30 — load times are only one second faster. So it’s something, I guess? The same goes for Dark Souls III — there’s no significant framerate enhancement past the 30 limit. The 60FPS-capable Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is actually more stable, hitting that max framerate target more often than the base game, which can dip to 50FPS when there’s lots of action on-screen.

It seems as if the only way we’re going to get 60FPS Bloodborne is by way of an official From Software patch. A patch, mind, that seems unlikely as they haven’t committed to anything as far back as the Pro’s reveal. There’s a few other tests in the video below, but Souls was one of the most-requested.

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