Blood Rocks are now slightly less ridiculous to get in Bloodborne

And Blood Stone Chunks are cheaper

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To fortify weapons in Bloodborne, you must find increasingly rare materials. The last item in particular is a huge pain. A Blood Rock is needed to max out a weapon, but so very few exist. There’s one toward the end of the game and another in The Old Hunters. Unless you’re willing to mess with Chalice Dungeon grinding, that’s it. New Game+ is your best bet for more.

From Software has taken its sweet time in tweaking the rarity of Blood Rocks, but the day has come at last. As of update 1.09, the Insight Shop now carries the material (after you clear “a certain portion of the main game” — seemingly Mergo’s Wet Nurse). They cost 60 Insight a piece, which is admittedly a lot, but still doable for dedicated players. The store has also dropped the price of another upgrade material, Blood Stone Chunks, to 20 Insight each.

This change is especially appreciated given the many cool weapons in the DLC. I only had a single Blood Rock to spare, and I used it on the Whirligig Saw (affectionately known as the “pizza cutter”). I’ll be interested to try out more weapons in-depth now that I can reasonably upgrade them.

The newest update (v 1.09) has been released [PlayStation via Eurogamer]

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