Blood on the Sand had helicopters because 50 Cent’s son wanted them

This is SUCH a good fact

These days, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand exists in my mind as little more than a fever dream. I still own a copy, but it’s been years since I’ve played the absurd cover-based shooter, much less thought about it.

Things I vaguely remember: a diamond skull, it getting stolen from 50 Cent, and hijinks ensuing in the Middle-East (?). I also recall there being “big-ass” ramps and helicopters. Loads and loads of helicopters.

Hilariously enough, we can thank 50 Cent’s own flesh and blood for the choppers.

Recounting some amusing Blood on the Sand development stories to Edge magazine, production director Ian Flatt spoke about a particular milestone that involved the crew flying out to present a build of the game to 50 Cent and his team. “He wanted his son, who was about six or seven at the time, to be the person who would review the build and decide if it was any good,” recalled Flatt.

“So he played it and was saying, ‘I love this, I love this, it’s great! But I want a level with helicopters in!’ Our guy explained it was a third-person shooter and didn’t have helicopters in. But 50 Cent’s son said, ‘No, I want helicopters,’ and 50 Cent turned around and said, ‘You heard him. Make a level with helicopters in.'”

I love everything about this.

This revelation about 50 Cent’s 7-year old making executive decisions for 2009’s Blood on the Sand is too good [GamesRadar]

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