Blood Gulch is back in Halo: Reach

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Today is 7/7, which means it’s Bungie Day! YAY! As always on this special day, the Bungie folks let loose a ton of treats for their fans, and the team is giving back big with the return of Blood Gulch in Halo: Reach. The Red Vs. Blue crew walks us through the faithful remake of the map that started it all for the Rooster Teeth boys.

It’s not just a simple remake, though. There’s more to Blood Gulch — you’ll be able to go outside of the map now. Blood Gulch was HUGE as it was, so this new map design might be designed with the Invasion gametype in mind.

You’ll be able to play on the new map for yourself at San Diego Comic-Con later this month.

Halo: Reach [Destructoid Forums — Thanks, the guy with the hat!]

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