Blood Drive car combat game from Activision leaked

One time I gave blood at a blood drive, and I got grape juice and some graham crackers. It was a really wonderful experience, and except for the needle protruding from my arm while slowly pumping blood into a bag, I’m glad I did it.

Somehow I suspect that has nothing to do with Blood Drive coming this October from Activision. Yeah! I know you know nothing about it, except for, well, an unannounced game called Death Drive we covered back in June. Now apparently with a new title, we knew nothing about the game until the gentle folks over at CVG discovered a BBFC rating for the game (a 15 rating, for those interested). Even more, it seems has the game already on pre-order, with a launch date set for October 26. Other sites, such as and GameStop indicate a November 2 release date, as well as an M rating. Both Blood Drive and Death Drive do not currently have official rating on the ESRB website, so who knows what exactly is going on or if it will really release within 2 months.

But what can players expect if it does? Well, Amazon’s descriptors seem to indicate it’s a post-Apocalyptic car combat game that takes place in a version of Las Vegas that has been over run with zombies. There is online multiplayer, and the cars appear customizable for action between the more than 10 events to play through. To quote the marketing shill: “Shaun of the Dead meets Mad Max in Death Race.” One final thing to take note of: the game is budget priced at $49.99, and only GameStop has indicated that the game will come to the PS3. A November 2 release date would fit in perfect for a Kinect launch title, however nothing has been confirmed of right now. With PAX happening right now, hopefully we can get something official from Activision soon.

New violent Activision racing game uncovered [CVG]

Ben Perlee