Blood Bowl gets Web site, still looks pretty cool

If you’ve been following the rather promising Blood Bowl, you may be interested in the new official Web site, that went up today. Unlike most official sites these days, Cyanide has eschewed vague viral nonsense in favor of providing some actual information about the game. Good show!

The site contains info on all the teams, describing their strengths and weaknesses, along with equipment details and an FAQ. Loads to look through for those eager to keep up with the game. I’m quite pleased with the volume of content on the site, given that we usually get nothing but needless teasers from developers. 

Blood Bowl is the only sports game I’m looking forward to this year, or perhaps even this century. It seems like Cyanide is really putting together a quality product that stays true to the spirit of the original board game. While you wait for its release, make sure to read (or re-read) our interview with the developers, and check out the three new screens in our attached gallery.

James Stephanie Sterling