Bloggin’ ain’t easy

Ladies and gentlemen, my life is hard. I’ve been shuffling back and forth from my home in the Central Valley to the Bay Area nearly every day this past month. It’s not easy doing what I do, and some days, I feel like I’m just going to break down. But I keep doing it. Not for the fame, not for the free swag, not even for the whores. No — I do it for you, Destructoid community. Knowing that I do this all for you makes all of the hangovers totally worth it.

EA invited me out to a little yacht party on the San Francisco Bay a couple of weeks back for the premiere of Godfather II. I had a little downtime while on the yacht, so I thought I would share my tough life with you in the video above.

[BIG thanks to King Friday for doing all of the camera and editing work on the video!]

Hamza Aziz