Bloggers Wanted: The Gift of Gaming

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

[This month’s Dtoid Community Assignment is all about the idea of video games as a gift!]

December is upon us. The Christmas season descends from the mountains to infect our hearts and minds like an airborne spore. It’s a time of giving and receiving gifts. Whether it be a box wrapped in shiny paper and topped with a silver bow or a just long enough hug from a dearly missed friend, gifts can come in many varieties. In the spirit of Christmas, this month’s Community Assignment is all about the idea of videogames and gifts.

For this month’s Bloggers Wanted, I want you to share with the community what gifts have videogames given you. To participate, start a community blog and title it “The Gift of Gaming: [Your title here]”, then just post your blog about what gift(s) videogames have given you. Maybe videogames helped through a difficult time. That’s a gift. Or maybe they opened your mind to new music and culture and inspired you to explore that. Just blog about whatever way you feel that gaming has been a gift to you. Throughout the month of December, Mycroft Anders Randantina Dixon and myself will be keeping an eye on the Community Blogs and promoting our favorite stories to the front page. So walk the cobble stones streets of your mind and share your thoughts with us. (For general tips on getting your blog promoted, click here!)

Videogames have helped to shape who we are. They are a gift that truly keeps on giving.  I can’t wait to read your blogs.