Bloggers Wanted: Thankful it’s over

Having a bad time

Normally on this month of November, we give thanks for all that we have in spite of the endless obstacles life throws at us: a home of some sort, food in a fridge, or the knowledge that Platinum Games continues to work today and give our bleak, meaningless lives direction and purpose. But this time let’s give a backhanded compliment to some of our favorite games with maddening sections you must slog through in order to progress in a game you’d otherwise love.

The phrase “nothing is perfect” or the more apt anecdote “pobody is nerfect” can be an evenly applied thought to everyone’s favorite games. But this is much more about enjoying the experience of a particular game when suddenly the game turns around tells you that this is the part where there’s no fun allowed until you get past a certain section. It’s like replaying an old favorite in front of a friend and when you get to that one section, you’re forced to admit that yeah, this part sucks a lot, sorry. But you have to admit, everything else is pretty awesome.

I personally love Wind Waker a criminal amount, but the Triforce piece treasure hunt is easily a terrible quest to foist on would-be sailors of the Great Sea. I think everyone fondly remembers Battletoads despite how difficult it is but almost everyone universally agrees that the hoverbike portion is like the ball busting scene from Casino Royale. And Deus Ex: Human Revolution‘s boss battles felt so out of place, it only made sense that those segments were outsourced. This month on Bloggers Wanted, we want you to get your wrists all limbered up and serve up some backhanded compliments because it’s all about being thankful the worst is over.

Maybe it’s a great game with some terrible part midway. Or perhaps it’s a mediocre game with an even worst fetch quest being forced on you to progress. You don’t even have to necessarily hate it either. It could just be a section of game you associate with a sense of dread for whatever reason. Whatever that reason may be, share your pain through the community blogs, begin the title with the prompt “Thankful it’s over: [your blog title here]” and don’t forget to tag it with bloggers wanted.

Remember! Misery loves company!

Marcel Hoang
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