Bloggers Wanted: Fangs for the memories

Give us your fear

[This month’s Dtoid Community Assignment is in honor of my favorite holiday, Halloween!]

October always makes me feel good. It starts cooling off. The nights feel richer and more clear. That awful tapioca pudding hellscape called Summer fades away and I can finally start wearing hoodies again. Best of all though is Halloween. I love monsters and haunted houses and ghouls and ghosts and candy. Plus, I’m always amused at what costume companies come up with for turning cartoon characters into slutty costumes so college students can go party. In the spirit of Halloween, this month’s Community Assignment is all about scary moments.

For this month’s Bloggers Wanted, I want you to share with the community your favorite scary moment in a videogame. To participate, start a community blog and title it “Fangs for the Memories: [Your title here]”, then just post your story about the moment like how and why it scared you. Keep in mind that moment doesn’t have to be from a scary videogame per say, just a moment that scared you. Throughout the month of October, M. Randal Ashcroft Dixon and myself will be keeping an eye on the Community Blogs and promoting our favorite scares to the front page, so dig deep into those nightmares and share them with us. (For general tips on getting your blog promoted, click here!)

Halloween is fast approaching so lets all get in the mood by sharing some scary moments with each other!

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