Blockbuster thinking about mailing games, Netflix is not

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If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be obsolete just ask Blockbuster. The one time giant of the movie rental industry is now running a distant second to a little thing called Netflix. Their fix? They may start renting games as part of their media-by-mail programming. This is according to an email a Consumerist reader received that stated customers would “be able to choose from over 3,000 different games, including many popular new releases.”

When this was brought up to a Netflix representative the idea was flatly rejected for that service. A rep stated that, “Movies are perennial. A great movie from 1972 is still a great movie but who wants to play Madden ’95?”

As aggravatingly inaccurate as that statement is, it’s pretty obvious why Netflix has no interest in renting games: they happen to be partnered with a bunch of companies who would rather see those games sold not rented. Slighting Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo might not be the best idea, especially when it is being reported that the three systems will be bringing in two million new subscribers for Netflix over 2010.

Would you ditch Netflix if Blockbuster offered up games?

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