Blockbuster Online members get $10 off Madden ’08

Evil Avatar tells us Blockbuster is using the power of Madden to kick off its new video game selling/trading program, offering Blockbuster Online members a coupon for $10 off any version of Madden ’08.

For many sports gamers, a yearly purchase of Madden ’08 is a given. Saving $10 on any $60 game is nice (PS3 and Xbox 360), but this discount even works on the PSP and Wii/PS2 versions, bringing them down to $29.99 and $39.99 respectively. Nice.

Apparently this coupon is only vaild for August 14th through 15th. If you’ve just recently signed up for a Blockbuster Online account, you may want to recheck your inbox or ask them for your copy.

[Via Evil Avatar – thanks to TheGoldenDonut] 


Dale North