Blizzard’s Sombra ARG for Overwatch leads to…more teasing

After we got the leak

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For months now, the Overwatch community has been laser focused on the new character, Sombra. She’s been teased by way of an ARG game that has delivered new hints every so often, and for the past month, there was a countdown of sorts that seemed to be leading towards Sombra’s release. It ended yesterday and….led to another hint.

At this point the ARG has kind of lost its magic, because we’ve seen this leak that’s very clearly Sombra related. It’s like when Sony acted like the PS4 Slim didn’t exist when it had already been out via broken street dates in the UK.

For now we have the Halloween event to enjoy that ends on November 1 — so it stands to reason that she could appear after that to keep things spicy throughout 2016. And since Blizzcon starts on November 4, it would be a perfect chance to reveal her.

A Moment in Crime [Blizzard]

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