Blizzard veteran launches charity networking platform Leyline

‘Change the Game, Change the World’

A former high-ranking employee of Blizzard Entertainment, Jeremy Dela Rosa, has announced the founding of a new, non-profit charity platform known as “Leyline.” Through this new venture, Dela Rosa hopes to encourage PC and mobile video game fans to get involved with various charitable causes in return for games and gift cards, donated by the many business partners Dela Rosa has made within the industry.

“We have always been passionate about trying to make a big positive impact in the world,” said the 10-year Blizzard veteran. “We realize that everyone wants to contribute to making the world a better place, but it can be needlessly complex. Through Leyline, we want to create an online ecosystem that rewards doing good things in the real world.”

Leyline currently has a staff of 50 volunteers and is looking for investment and funding via a GoFundMe campaign. Leyline plans to promote a wide variety of charitable causes online and worldwide, hoping to encourage donations from video game players in the form of time, money, “idle processing power,” and other means, dependent on the given charity. Though based on the company’s first promo video, Leyline seems heavily in favor of the latter, using processing power borrowed from idle PC and mobile devices to contribute toward medical research.

Blizzard veteran Jeremy Dela Rosa launches new charity platform []

Chris Moyse
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