Blizzard turned Overwatch’s Junkrat into a goblin, and it’s pretty great

Yeah, sure!

Remember clicking on Starcraft and Warcraft RTS units over and over to get them to say funny things? Blizzard never really stopped doing that.

Heroes of the Storm just introduced its Warcraft event this week (which is now live in PTR if you want to check it out), and with it, a Junkrat goblin skin. I had to do a double-take though as the skin actually goes above and beyond what you’d expect — it’s not just Junkrat with green skin. Rather, it’s Junkrat completely goblin-fied with robot arms and legs so it looks like a normal Junkrat model.

Overwatch fans have been clamoring for a lot of Heroes skins to make the trip over to the source, from EVA Unit-01 Genji to Deathwing D.Va. Now they have another one to pester Blizzard about! Get a load of goblin Junkrat’s great voice lines below — it’s quite a bit of work for one skin.

Chris Carter
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