Blizzard tracking 180,000 bugs in World of Warcraft

Games have bugs in them. Big games have lots of bugs in them. The world’s biggest game has a sh*tload of bugs in it. Blizzard has revealed a rather astonishing figure for its ludicrously successful MMO, revealing that its database has around 180,000 glitches that are in some stage of repair. If you don’t understand numbers, suffice it to say that WoW has a lot of bugs being ironed out.

It’s somewhat understandable, of course. MMOs are large, unwieldy beasts by their very nature, so a game as colossal as WoW is sure to be packed to the gills with issues that Blizzard could not have foreseen. Even so, that number is absolutely staggering and beyond my mortal comprehension. Those are the kind of bugs Microsoft can only dream about. 

What’s more surprising, though? The fact that WoW has this many bugs, or the fact that Blizzard was actually open enough to reveal them?

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