Blizzard teases new, possibly Diablo character for Heroes of the Storm

‘The minions of hell grow stronger…’

Blizzard is teasing a new hero, and it’s pretty clear to see what they could be alluding to. Simply tweeting out “the minions of hell grow stronger,” and showing a Diablo portal on a Diablo level, next to Nova’s Amazon skin, the monk, and crusader classes — it seems obvious. Plus, there’s a leaker who has a really strong track record that has been noting that Auriel will be coming.

More fans are speculating that it could be Malthael — but the phrase “minions of hell grow stronger” just refers to NPCs in a Diablo game after another player joins, increasing the difficulty, so it could be anything, including a class that hasn’t shown up yet (III is covered, but I and II have some missing links).

At this point the team is keen to bring anyone in (very few predicted Chromie), so I’m not even going to speculate — but the leaks have been solid so far. Right now the only confirmed upcoming hero is Gul’dan.

Chris Carter
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