Blizzard talks StarCraft II patch 1.1, rage ensues

Blizzard is currently prepping patch 1.1 for StarCraft II, which it hopes to get out around mid-September.

Here’s what we can look forward to: more mod features, bug fixes, improvements to the editor and custom games, support for NVIDIA’s 3D Vision, standardized hotkey options, and more. The patch will make “the Standard (US) and Standard for Lefties (US) hotkey options available in all regions.”

And then there’s the balancing stuff, which I have to imagine will anger many a vocal StarCraft II player for reasons I cannot fully comprehend. I’d be a fool to think I could squeeze that info into this space here, so please, just go read about those changes from Blizzard directly.

Then you can rage a little bit, if you want.

Situation Report: Patch 1.1 and Beyond [ via GiantBomb]

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