Blizzard releases 4K World of Warcraft backgrounds for new and classic areas

Ah, Stormwind, my second home

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I can map out most of World of Warcraft, from the Vanilla era to the present, in my head.

Some zones are more memorable than others, but I’ve spent so much time in that world that it’s like a second home to me. That’s partially why these new 4K digital backgrounds released by Blizzard resonate with me.

Yep, right here at this link, you can download new 4K versions of local digital WoW haunts. Blizzard says that their purpose is to give streams more of a mood or be used in conference calls, but naturally you can just use them as wallpapers too.

Blizzard took the time to casually boast about the new Shadowland zones with half of the 12 slots taken up by the upcoming expansion, but Battle for Azeroth (Ny’alotha, The Necropolis), Legion (The Dreamgrove) and classic WoW (Stormsong Valley, Lordaeron, Stormwind, Orgrimmar) are represented too.

My low key favorite zone? Zangarmarsh from Burning Crusade. It would also make a hell of a background!

New 4K digital backgrounds []

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