Blizzard just released one of their best cinematics yet with ‘Old Soldier’

Discord in the ranks

Blizzard rocked the World of Warcraft community by having Sylvanas Windrunner, current Warchief of the horde, burn down the Teldrassil World Tree and slaughter tons of Night Elves — just like we thought she would when they hinted at it months ago.

But the horde already have a redemption arc with the cinematic “Old Soldier,” focusing on Varok Saurfang’s history and his struggles to accept the choices of his overlords. By playing the game you’ll clearly see some of this already — many members of the horde aren’t happy with Sylvanas’ choices, and we’ll get to experience that discord throughout the expansion’s lifecycle.

A lot of the reactions so far have been knee-jerk at best — I’m ready to see this expansion all the way through until I judge it.

Chris Carter
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