Blizzard is heralding in the new World of Warcraft expansion with a short on Jaina

She is not revealed as a Dreadlord

The concept of “deep lore” in any medium is an interesting conundrum. You have worlds that are immediately captivating like Tolkien’s Middle-earth that have depth to them, and universes that require a bit of delving before the appeal really sets in. I think the Warcraft universe fits that bill.

If you didn’t buy into the Orcs vs. Humans motif in the original two games, a theme that Blizzard is using once again in the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion, you were probably turned off right away from the franchise as a whole. But over time, especially in the many side stories of Warcraft III, the world came to life and its rich characters spread their wings.

One such icon is Jaina Proudmoore, the human mage that’s the focus of a new short to usher in the next expansion. You’ll get a brief glimpse into her past and her part in an event that helps shape the conflict of Battle for Azeroth. Keep ’em coming!

Chris Carter
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