Blizzard is extending the huge World of Warcraft experience buff promotion

100% more experience until Shadowlands’ pre-patch update

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With everyone packed-in due to the pandemic with nothing to do and plenty of competing products to choose from, Blizzard has been rolling out promotions with various titles to try to keep people interested.

Heroes of the Storm had a time where every hero in the game was free for instance, and back in late March Blizzard gave World of Warcraft players a huge experience buff (100% more) for the main version of the game (read: not Classic). It even stacked with the passive Monk experience buff or other means of experience-earning enhancements.

It was so huge that a lot of players rushed to level-up their alts (alternate characters) in a frenzy, but Blizzard is extending the promo for quite some time: so no need to do that yourself. According to a new blog update, the Winds of Wisdom experience buff will be extended “through to the release of the Shadowlands pre-patch.”

In other words, shortly before the next expansion arrives, Blizzard will deliver a story patch that leads into said expansion: that’s the point where the buff will end. We don’t know when that is yet because we don’t even have a firm release date for Shadowlands, but suffice to say it’ll last several months at the very least. Good luck! I only have a few classes left to max out.

The Winds of Wisdom 100% Experience Buff Extended []

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