Blizzard full of praise for Live; WoW still not coming to consoles

Recommended Videos has an article up with snippets from an interview they conducted with Blizzard developer Itzik Ben Bassat regarding consoles, and more specifically, Blizzard’s feelings towards them. The sad part is that the article seems to be hinting at Blizzard’s desire to bring WoW to consoles, but in actually reading the thing, you realize it has almost no useful content whatsoever.

Here’s a quick synopsis;

Bassat thinks consoles are becoming mini-PCs.

He likes Microsoft’s Live service.

Blizzard is keeping an eye on consoles with a theoretical possibilty of developing something for them, maybe, at some undefined future date. 

Of course, after all of that, and the sensationalistic headline of “WOW developer keeps close eye on Sony and Microsoft”, they also manage to toss in the fact that Blizzard has no plans to bring World of Warcraft to any console.

We understand that people desperately want World of Warcraft to be released on a home console, but fueling the flames of speculation with this kind of “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” journalism just wastes people’s time. At the very least they could have been kind enough to be up front with their intentions, or, failing that, just outright lie about it. If you’re going to jerk people around, promise them some fellatio or something.

God, I hate the Internet.


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