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Everyone seems to be obsessing over the possibility of Activision adopting for its games. It’s an interesting notion, but Blizzard hasn’t really spoken one way or the other on the topic. Perhaps this Gamasutra interview with project director Greg Canessa will give us something to go on.

“Bobby Kotick and all the folks at Activision are very, very supportive of and what we’re doing,” he explains. “Having said that, as you know, Blizzard and Activision are really two separate entities, and we really do our own thing.”

“There are huge opportunities in front of us with new games, with licensing opportunities, with movies, and other things we have going on, and the risk is that we get distracted off of what we’re really good at, which is making kick-ass entertainment experience. So, for today, it’s Blizzard games.”


“Some day,” Canessa continues, “maybe we add other titles in there. Who knows? When we really feel like we’ve really delivered that kick-ass set of experiences for Blizzard games, and we feel like we’ve grown the team — and you’ve heard some of my challenges growing the team and finding the talent — when I’ve got that sustainability, when we really feel like we’ve got that dialed in and nailed down, you know, who knows what the future holds.”

TL;DR: Activision games may one day support, but not anytime soon. The more you know!

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