Blizzard debuts Johanna footage for Heroes of the Storm

The Crusader from Diablo III

Johanna, based off the crusader class that was added into the Reaper of the Souls expansion for Diablo III, has been hiding in the current build of Heroes of the Storm for a while, but isn’t playable just yet. Now, compliments of Blizzard’s Heroes launch event in London, we have an idea of what to expect when she debuts, as well as a look at her story trailer.

She has a punish ability to slow down enemies with her shield, a trait that ignores crowd control, a leaping attack similar to ETC’s second ultimate, and a power that sucks in heroes like a vortex. I really dig her design, and I’m excited to give her a try.

Also revealed during the event, you can create a dream team on the Heroes site to earn a Mechanospider mount. Expect a review for the game tomorrow, after I check the status of the launch servers.

Chris Carter
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