Blizzard changed the name of Raynor’s passive Heroes of the Storm ability to ‘Give ‘Em Some Pepper’ at the community’s request

Just a cool little story for your Monday afternoon

Although Blizzard has been undeniably changed by its association with Activision, there are glimmers of the old wild west community-centric company that frequently pop up. The Heroes of the Storm team (like Overwatch) has notably acknowledged the game’s community in various locations like reddit and the official forums, and this recent interaction brought a smile to my face.

Heroes’ Raynor was due for a rework, and originally, Blizzard was going to stick with term “Acquire Weak Spot” for his passive trait (every fourth basic attack splashes in a small area and deals 125% more damage to the primary target). The community simply asked that it get a more flavorful name, something more inline with Raynor’s personality — and what better suggestion than “Give ‘Em Some Pepper,’ a popular catchphrase of his.

It seems to have stuck, as Blizzard dropped the PTR (public test realm) patch notes for Heroes today and bam, the ability was renamed. Nice job, whoever did this.

PTR [Heroes of the Storm]

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