Blitz working on ‘true 3D games.’ Yes, just like Freddy’s Dead!

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Blitz Games Studios has been showing off some in-house technology that can make stereoscopic 3D gaming a reality on the PS3 and 360. Thanks to the tech, game consoles have the ability to replicate the kind of hi-def 3D visuals found in places like the IMAX cinema or that place in the Science Museum where you have to line up for thirty minutes to get in.

“This is an incredibly exciting and huge step forward for videogames,” claims Blitz’s chief tech officer, Andrew Oliver. “Our BlitzTech technology will prove beyond all doubt that we are already doing what some industry experts have said is impossible on today’s game consoles. Our highly tuned engine is capable of producing real-time interactive graphics that are close to offline rendered CG movie quality.”

Interesting. I must say that the “immersion” Blitz promises could make for some interesting gameplay experiences, but I definitely can’t see it being the industry standard. 3D “pop out” visuals have always been a gimmick, and tend to be a bit too busy to ensure a completely enjoyable experience.

That said, I’d sure as hell play a gimmicky 3D game and probably love it.

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