Bleak Sword DX release date is soon

Bleak Sword DX

Lo-fi carnage has never looked so good

The definitive edition of the dark fantasy action game Bleak Sword DX is coming to PC and Switch and it’s…on the horizon! In a new trailer, Devolver Digital confirmed the Bleak Sword DX release date for June 8th on both platforms.

Originally released on Apple Arcade back in 2019, the enhanced version will include the original nine chapters in the Bleak Sword campaign and all three DLC chapters.  The gist is that you’ll be taking down horrifying monsters across a variety of cursed battlefields with a variety of fierce weaponry and powerful magic.

It apparently improves the original in every way

The improved version of the game will include a streamlined control system built specifically for PC and Switch. Utilizing the new controls you will be able to execute new attacks, parries, and counters against an enhanced enemy AI. Graphically the game has received graphical enhancements in every aspect. There are new post-processing effects, unique filters, an adaptive depth of field, and more. Particle effects, foliage, and even the weather have seen some improvements as well.

Additionally, Bleak Sword DX features three all-new game modes as well. First is a brand new randomizer campaign modifier that creates a remixed version of the original game. Next is a Boss Run gauntlet where you will face all 12 in-game bosses in a row with only one health bar. Last is an endless arena mode throwing increasingly difficult enemies at you until you suffer defeat. This is all accompanied by the epic score from award-winning composer Jim Guthrie and sound designer Joonas Turner. If you are looking for a challenging but rewarding action romp in a dark fantasy setting, be sure to check out the game when it releases early next month.

A demo for Bleak Sword DX is currently available on Steam!

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