Blaze does Sony’s job, provides PSPgo necessities

I have a PSPgo on preorder, mostly because my GameStop credit is ludicrous and I have plans for a certain Destructoid video that I’ll be shooting with it. Even though I have work-related reasons for picking one up, I was sincerely excited to get ahold of the latest PSP and try out the all-digital format. However, Sony has been doing its damndest to make the PSPgo a less attractive prospect, and after realizing that the PSPgo ships with NO form of screen protection whatsoever, I am seriously considering canceling my preorder.

Let me break it down for you. The PSPgo, like all other PSPs, has an incredibly shiny, totally exposed screen. While the DS closes to protect its most crucial feature, the PSP lays its easily scratched surface bare. Previous PSPs shipped with a protective slipcase, yet looking at the contents of the PSPgo, there is NOTHING to protect the so-called portable system from damage. Not even one thin screen protector. 

Today, Blaze has announced a “starter kit” and “travel kit” to coincide with the release of the PSPgo. While ordinarily I wouldn’t promote a run-of-the-mill third party accessory kit, the fact that Blaze is doing a number of things that Sony should be doing itself just bemuses and disgusts me. The PSPgo costs $250. I’m sorry, but it takes some real nerve to charge $250 and not even throw in one f*cking item that will allow customers to safely protect their PSPgo while traveling. 

The starter kit has everything that should rightly be packed with the PSPgo: A carry case, screen stickers, a cleaning cloth and wrist strap. The travel kit adds a few non-essential extras like a car charger and USB cable. 

Seriously, it’s pathetic that a third party is covering Sony’s arse on items that should be an obligatory part of the official package. So yeah, well done to Blaze for doing somebody else’s job for them. I’m sure after spending $250, we’ll be more than happy to shell out yet more cash to actually complete the package.

Essential items revealed to keep your PSP Go safe, energized and fully accessorized

Doncaster, UK – 23rd Sept 2009 – Blaze have today revealed they are set to release two new accessory kits containing the essential items to keep your brand new PSP go safe and fully loaded!

With the release of Sony’s PSP go just around the corner we will all be searching for those essential add-ons to accessorize our new handheld toy. The new BLAZE accessory kits are designed to provide all the essential items you will ever need to give you the ultimate handheld experience.

First up is the BLAZE 5 in 1 starter kit, containing the must have protective accessories for the new PSP Go. Included in the kit is a fully secure protective case, providing all round armour for the new console. Also included are screen protection stickers, a micro fibre cleaning cloth, a wrist strap and a case to safely store your valuable memory cards. This kit focuses heavily on the safety and preservation of your new console, providing you with the tools to keep your PSP Go in top condition for years to come.

The BLAZE 8 in 1 Travel kit contains the all the protective items mentioned above with some very useful additions. The extras include a car charger, earphones, USB to PSP Go link cable providing options to keep your PSP Go charged, connected and wired for sound! The new kit gives you the essential items to accessorize Sony’s latest handheld, whilst keeping it totally safe from knocks and scratches.

The BLAZE 5 in 1 Starter kit and the BLAZE 8 in 1 Travel kit are coming soon from and all leading video game stores.

Jim Sterling