BlazBlue DLC jumps the gun, sucks crocodile nuts

You have to love bad DLC, especially when it’s as shameless as this. Not only is the upcoming downloadable content for BlazBlue available on Xbox Live before the game’s even out, the stuff you can pre-emptively purchase is nothing but stuff already on the disc, and that can be unlocked by playing the main game.

80 Microsoft Points apiece, gullible gamers can pick up “Unlimited” variant forms of characters. Customers are warned before buying that they can unlock the content simply by playing the game, but who wants to PLAY the videogames they just bought? Only a total moron would do that, right?

This kind of DLC is my favorite, as I love the idea of people paying even more money to effectively reduce the value of their games. It’s an incredibly lazy, stupid and crap idea for downlodable content, but the fact that real gamers are obviously buying this garbage only justifies such shoddy little schemes. If Arc System Works had any class, it would release a list of names of the people who are buying this nonsense, so sane and sensible people know to avoid the drooling bloody lunatics. 

It’s kind of sad that developers and publishers have systematically set about ruining the idea of DLC for everybody, but it’s the way of business, I guess. I’m just impressed at the sheer gall on display with this one.

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