BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle adds RWBY’s Yang Xiao Long, Blake and Yang to be free DLC

Only 18 characters need to be purchased now

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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle was building up a lot of hype with fans ever since it was announced (especially after it confirmed its Switch release), but much of that hype was deflated when the launch roster was announced to be complete at 20, and 20 characters would be released later as DLC.

Making this even worse, the brand new characters from RWBY for the game were split in two, with two joining the launch roster and two being sold as DLC. But Arc System Works has rolled this back a bit. 

After confirming BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle would be one of the games in the EVO 2018 line-up, they confirmed that the final two RWBY characters Blake Belladonna and Yang Ziao Long would be free. 

So now, fans who want the complete roster need only purchase the other 18 of the 20 planned DLC additions. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is set to hit PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC May 31 in Japan, and June 5 in the United States…just in time for EVO. 

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